The way we produce
our juice of extra
olive oil.

Although before, we should know... the final product emerges from an olive oil factory. In the same way we squeeze an orange, we get a juice 100% natural, without the use of chemicals, only by using a mechanical process, squeezing the mashed olives by means of a centrifugal process to seperate by density, the oil, water, and other matter that the mashed olives contain.

This extra virgin olive oil is divided into 3 groups according to its fresh-fruit flavour, lack of imperfections, such as bitterness etc, and for its level of acidity. From a higher to a lower quality we can classify the oil in the following way.

Extra virgin
Olive oil

The best olive juice, free of any defects in flavour or scent, with minimum acidity if any, and fresh fruitiness above 3.5 on a scale of 10.

Olive oil

Olive juice in which some defects in flavour or scent are permitted, higher levels of acidity than extra virgin olive oil, with some fresh fruitiness.

Virgen lampante
Olive oil

Not appropriate for consumption because of its notable defects and acidity. Must be refined.
Other types of commercialized olive oil are produced by mixing a small proportion of extra virgin or virgin olive oil with refined oils obtained by chemical extraction. By these means, 3 other oils can be manufactured.

Refined Olive oil

Lampante olive oil which is refined to eliminate its smell, flavour, and colour, and which is not suitable for consumption directly.

Orujo Olive oil

Refined olive oil using disolvents to extract what is left from the stones, pulp, and skin of pressed olives. Not suitable for consumption directly.

Olive oil

A mix of refined oils with a small proportion of the virgin oils and suitable for consumption, Depending on the proportion, the oil is referred to as intense or smooth.

Never forget ...

...that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the highest quality juice, compare it with the juice of a freshly squeezed orange, preserves its antioxidant and is very healthy. Olive oil, as such, is a mixture that only takes some virgin or extra virgin, the highest proportion oil refinery, compare it with a soda or orange soda.

The process...

The olive reaches the mill, where the
the selected master. It cleans and processes
in just a few hours of collection.
Bat is ground and cold, with times
short, so that the components
volatiles are retained, ie all
fruity taste and smell.
The oil is separated by density
horizontal decanters and
vertical centrifugal, where it leaves the
water containing in addition to the fruit
involved in the process of washing and
solid parts, bone, flesh and skin of the
Finally packed from
stainless steel tanks inerted
which lies to the right time
to package it in glass bottles
dark juice makes retain
as long as its best features
without oxidizing.
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